Our Facility

Beverly Hills Doggie Hotel is not just a place for your furry friend to be kept at when you are away, it is a second home where your pup feels safe and loved.


During the day our guests spend their time playing either in playrooms or backyard. Our playrooms are separated with walls to keep different playgroups at ease and to prevent interruption from their play by seeing other dogs that can lead to barrier frustration. They are also equipped with everything dynamic dogs need including plenty of space, different toys for various types of play, and caring staff members that ensure safety and enjoyment of play of our furry guests. One of the unique features of our facility is the 3000 sq.ft. fully green backyard for an enjoyable leash-free run and playtime.


Each pup is allocated to a standard room or a private suite depending on their size and requirements. Those are only for staying in during meal and nap time. Standard rooms are 15 sq.ft. facilities that are divided by walls and have gated entrances rather than actual doors. Private suites are much larger rooms separated with walls and doors from standard rooms for a more restful, private environment, usually meant for multiple pets within a family, sole players, and very big breeds.

The hotel is equipped with a climate control system for the temperature to be kept at a comfortable 20°C and has separate HVACs for maintaining fresh air circulation. We also have cameras in every room of our facility to monitor and record in accordance with safety measures.

Our premises are cleaned and disinfected twice a day with neutral pet-friendly cleaning supplies.

(647) 349-2434 | (416) 510-2434


38 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON M1R 4C1

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