Doggie Daycare service is the best way to keep your furry child happy once you are away from home or busy at work. It can be a very stressful experience for your pet to stay home all alone without exercising, socialization, or even getting some fresh air. Although it can be a very worrying experience for parents to leave their pets for the first time, we ensure that every newcomer gets special attention from our team members to get comfortable and used to our premises in the shortest amount of time possible.

 Beverly Hills Doggie Hotel is a well-equipped climate-controlled facility with spacious playrooms and a substantial backyard accompanied by a selection of toys for different types of play and exercise. We ensure safety and well being of your pup on our premises provided by constant supervision of our team members. Our furry visitors get allocated into groups for play and  entertainment according to their play preferences, strength and temper.  

In our daily routine, every group of dogs is taken outside to the backyard every three hours to get some fresh air giving them a perfect chance for enjoyable run and fun. If you would like to join us, we guarantee to find the best company match for your pup to make his/her stay with us enjoyable and most likely tiring! We also provide you with a full feedback regarding your pup’s development progress, communication skills earned, friends made as well as  exciting pictures and videos taken during their playtime.

 Some of our visitors enjoy solo play only in which case they get to play with one of our team members in the backyard every three hours. Apart from an amazingly huge backyard and entertaining playrooms, we provide individual standard rooms for every guest during mealtime or when they need to rest or nap. We also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to your requests. 

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38 Ellesmere Rd, Scarborough, ON M1R 4C1

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