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About our Doggie Hotel 


Beverly Hills Doggie Hotel has been proudly serving our furry friends for over

four years now providing daycare, boarding, and grooming services.

Our goal is to provide safe and exciting environment for playing, interaction and learning the essential skills under guidance and strict supervision.

Our open play framework is designed for exercising and safe socialization as well as learning necessary practices for friendly behavior towards others.

Our team members are highly trained and passionate about dogs individuals with the ambitions to work with animals providing sincere care and support.

We understand that every dog has unique nature and temper and that’s why we

have an individual approach to each one of them.

We strongly believe that being emotionally and physically attached to dogs

makes it easier to understand and explore their nature, finding a distinctive approach to each and every pup. That way we do not only complete extensive training on dogs’ practices and body language, but commit ourselves to understanding reasons for certain behavior and how to respond to it appropriately, delivering a safe and stress-free environment.


Every furry guest is special to us and is treated with love

and kindness at all times.


Our Team
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