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How pups play

The way dogs tend to play might look worrying to some pet owners but there is nothing to be worried about. Dogs play involves chasing each other, tackling, and nipping at each other, pulling on each other’s ears, rolling over and jumping on one another. When a dog lowers the front of its body in a bow-like stance, this is an invitation to play. It also communicates to other dogs that the jump, nip, or roughhousing that follows the bow isn’t an act of aggression. It’s simply a dog’s way of saying, “I’m just playing around.” At a single glance, play looks just like the real thing. Dogs can even growl, snap, and bare their teeth when they are playing but these aren't signs of aggression.

Learn as you play are our keywords! Play is proven to strengthen relationships between people and dogs. With us your pup will learn how to behave and socialize with other dogs and new people just by playing and watching other’s behavior, especially when it comes to puppies that are waiting to explore the whole wide world. Grown-up dogs are gentle and patient when it comes to playing if there is a puppy around, serving as a role model in learning socially correct behavior and manners.

Enhancement of your pup’s social skills and exercising through play are very strictly supervised by our staff members to ensure that your furry friend is happy and joyfully tired before going home.


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