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Beverly Hills Doggie Hotel is a cage free facility and exclusively designed to provide the most comfortable and pleasurable boarding experience for your pet

We have the following options for your pup to choose from:

  • Standard rooms ( 15 square feet ) are divided by walls and have gate entrances rather than the actual doors. Bedding, pillows and overnight water bowl are provided.

  • Junior ( 47 square feet ) and Senior Suites ( 82 square feet ) are much larger rooms separated with walls and doors from standard rooms for a more peaceful and private environment,  usually meant for multiple dogs within a family, sole players, and very big breeds. Those rooms are also equipped with TV (dog related programs). Bedding, pillows and overnight water bowl are provided.                                 


Those are the same rooms that are used to feed your pet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, followed by an hour of rest/nap to get the meal digested before your pup is allowed to play again. For the safety and wellbeing of your pet, we advise you to bring the regular food that your pup eats at home to maintain the regular diet and avoid indigestion. Meals are prepared and served precisely to your request including raw and homemade diets. We also give or apply any sort of medication should you require us to (free of charge). You are welcome to bring your dog’s bedding and favorite toys, however there is hardly any need in that because we have plenty of both. All the rooms are cleaned and sanitized daily with pet-friendly neutral disinfectants.

We do not separate daycare attendants from the ones that are on board and have absolutely the same procedure of daycare for both. All dogs are allocated into different supervised groups according to their size, play type, and temper to ensure everyone’s safety, comfort, and happiness. During the day your pet will be playing, socializing and exercising under strict supervision and guidance. Each playgroup is taken outside to the backyard every two hours for potty breaks and joyful run and playtime to burn off any excess energy.

Beverly Hills Doggie Hotel is fully equipped to handle any types of dogs, regardless of their size, breed and temper, we even take not neutered / not spayed pups for sole play only. Although we have a very friendly and safe environment, we still inspire you to bring your beloved friend at least for one day of daycare before overnight stay. It allows pets to be accustomed to our facility and staff as well as understand and learn that they will be picked up by their caring parents.

Most importantly we keep in touch with you all way through, sending you regular fun updates - pictures and videos of your furry friend playing and living the best life!!! 

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