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Meet and Greet

Every dog has a unique nature and character. Some pups enjoy an open play environment with other dogs, some prefer privacy and sole play only. Our hotel is designed to accept any kind of dog as far as there are no signs of aggression and threat towards our staff. To ensure the safety of our beloved furry guests and staff we require every newcomer to attend a “Meet And Greet” appointment. Most of the time it takes no more than 10 minutes but be prepared that it may take longer if your pet has an anxious temperament towards new people and new places.  
To attend our hotel all dogs should be at least 12 weeks old, be in good health, and must have up to date vaccinations. We require you to provide us with a copy of the vaccination records as well.
Once you arrive for a booked in advance “Meet And Greet” appointment, one of our trained team members will provide you with essential documents to fill and sign. We also ask you about your pet’s health condition and any important related health issues that your pet might have that we have to be aware of. Afterward, we take our new furry guest for a tour to see and sniff our premises and to watch how he/she feels without his/her parent. We also assess the level of comfort while staying in a standard room for a couple of minutes. The last step is meeting other friendly dogs to assess your pup's geniality and good intentions for play. Your furry child will be precisely supervised to make sure the first introduction and interaction with other dogs is stress-free and enjoyable. 

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